pastIRON is part New Millennium, part horse-and-cart.

There's no High Street shop, no mall presence, no retails outlet...just us two and the Net.

And there the technology ends... the rest is hot metal and heavy hammers. Every hinge, every handle is hand-made. Sometimes
we use just a jig, sometimes it's all by eye, so it's
hard to find two pieces alike.

They're copies of real pieces from centuries past, not fairy-tale folk-lore of what they might have been. And they're (mostly !) in stock, on the shelf in volume.

When you've struggled to get the right look, with wood and
sweat, pastIRON provides the finishing touches... which rabbit-hutch hinges and cast-iron imitations never can.

We don't do brass
We don't do aluminium fakes
...it's all pastIRON...